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                  Option # 1 - PowerPoint Presentation
You can arrange a PPT presentation at your library or for any group anywhere in Florida. We use the original slides taken by Dr. Kushner while serving in Vietnam. The presentation and Q&A usually takes about 45 minutes.  ** note
                   Option # 2 - Author-in-the-Classroom
If you wish to arrange a session with your students (recommended for upper HS and College) that combines the PPT presentation and an "authoring" session," explaining my experience with interviewing, organizing, editing and publishing my book, please contact me. ** note
                               Signed Book as a Gift

If you want to GIFT a book, signed by the author, with a personal message you can dictate, and mailed to a special person, please call us at (772) 532-5966 to charge your payment. ($12.95 + tax / $5 media rate mailing added)

** note: Request for Op # 1 and 2 - Please purchase a minimum of 10 books prior, each with a personal message and my author signature, as well as the FAPA Gold Award emblem. The cost will be discounted to $11 plus tax from $14.95 plus tax. The books will be mailed "media rate." To arrange, please give me a call.

Contact Me:

Mary Jane Ingui, PhD

PO Box 159

13305 Roseland Road

Roseland, FL 32957

Phone: 772-532-5966 **

** leave a message with contact info and your inquiry. Thank you!

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